Hamiintamc! (Hello & Welcome)

My name is Carolann Jane and I created this blog in order to share everything skincare, beauty, and fashion inspired with strong values and the future in mind. I firmly believe the beauty and fashion industry has a lot of work to do in terms of environmental sustainability, fat and plus size inclusivity, anti-Racism and diversity, and so much more! I believe I have a responsibility to be apart of this work and challenge others to take a critical look at what areas we can work on to make beauty and fashion a space for *all*. I want to share these aspirations for brighter futures in these industries with social consciousness in mind. Of course, all while having fun dishing real talk about the latest products!

I am working on earning my degree in Sociology at Scripps College and hoping to work diligently on this blog in my free time. I am from the Yuhaaviatam Serrano Indians and share ancestry in Mexico, Britain, Spain, and Ireland. I hope to incorporate my tribal identity in some of my beauty and fashion tips, signaling to the many Indigenous creators and artists making waves in these industries as well. I also identify as a bisexual fem and have managed my life living with Bipolar disorder. All of this is to give you a peek into why I pursue having challenging conversations about how I can fit into beauty and fashion sphere.

I shoot a majority of my photos on a FujiFilm X-T 1, edit on Photoshop, and VSCO.

Hakup a’ai (thank you) for supporting my blog!

email: carolannjanee@gmail.com

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