Solution by Glossier Review

December 2, 2018


Finally! I am so excited that enough time has passed for me to feel confident enough to give a thorough, honest review about one of my most anticipated purchases. Solution by Glossier has been making waves across social media and in skincare circles everywhere. When I first caught sight of the product it was sold out and promised by Glossier to be restocked soon enough.

It wasn’t until October that I finally got my hands on not one bottle, but two! I decided to purchase two in case it went out of stock again and I would have become dependent on it. As of checking the website right now, it is indeed in stock.

The product retails for $24, which is a very reasonable price given it’s promises and magical reviews I’ve witness all over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The product comes in the classic “millennial pink” that Glossier has branded many of its other makeup and skincare products in. It has a flip lid that reveals a somewhat strange circular plastic top and spout at the top. The product is intended to be used with a cotton pad to be swept across the face.

This is where I get into my least favorite part of the product, the dispenser design can often leak out excess product when you begin to pump it with a cotton pad. I’ve found myself many times with my hand randomly covered in the solution or somewhere on my wall, sink hit by a spray of solution. I definitely think that there can be improvement with the design so that the pump doesn’t excessively dispense the product. However, I do appreciate that it was created with using a cotton pad in mind.


Now, onto the discussion of how it made my skin feel. I started this product knowing that I wanted to tackle my problem areas as best I could: my chin, forehead, and cheeks. I tend to get the most acne breakouts around my chin, probably hinting at my diet or hormonal issues.

When you first apply the product on areas where there are pre-existing zits, breakout, redness, or breakage in your skin it is going to burn a bit. I do not have sensitive skin, so I am perfectly okay with some type of discomfort when applying skincare products if it’s going to produce the results I’m looking for. It also tend to burn right around my nostrils, though I do not have obvious breakouts in that area.

Within just two days, I witness my redness in my problem areas diminish greatly! When fresh zits were met with this product, throughout the day I noticed them also decrease in size and redness. My forehead has begun to smooth over when I lightly feel it with my fingers and my cheeks have not seen a serious zit in weeks.

Another point that I think is important to mention is that this product will make your skin extremely sticky once you’ve used it. It is necessary to follow it up soon with a rich moisturizer to return your skin back to a silky finish. There was one day before I head to class that I had forgotten to use moisturizer after this product and I was extremely uncomfortable until I got home! I have seen other mentions the stickiness was a serious issue, but again utilizing a moisturizer completely erases that problem.

I do believe that I have gone through this product quite quickly, but I think it’s reasonably that within 4 weeks I have put a serious dent in the product.


Overall I am extremely pleased with this purchase and will certainly be breaking into my next bottle soon. I definitely recommend this product if you have similar skin to mine, which I would describe as dry, acne prone, and issues with redness. If you have sensitive skin or other skin textures I did not describe, I would make sure to pay close mind to the ingredients. I know that there are many people who do not work well with salicylic acid so bear in mind that it does contain a certain % of that within the product ingredients.

Thank you so much for reading and please do tell me below if you have tried this product and what your thoughts are! I have definitely been sharing my news about this product with my close friends and would love to discuss even more.

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