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December 2, 2018

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Oh snap! It’s my very first blog post. Here we are just at the beginning of December and I decided what would be more fitting than to give some insight into my favorite products I’ve been using this month.

I started this blog with skincare and beauty products in mind because I have been incredibly infatuated with finding the best picks for my skin. Ever since the era of Glossier and “skin care = self care” has begun, I have to say it was very revolutionary for me to finally put so much effort into doing what I can to treat my skin with the best care possible.

However, I have to mention that perfect, flawless, blemish free skin is not my goal. But, I will get more into that idea in another blog post. For now, we are focusing on what it was that I gravitated to the most this month!

First things first on our list is the “Born This Way” Foundation by Too Faced. I never had an interest in Too Faced face makeup until I saw the iconic Jackie Aina post an in depth YouTube video about her collaboration with the makeup company to provide more options for Darker complexions. It is no secret that the beauty industry has always catered to Eurocentric, White beauty standards that have left Black and Brown women in the dark without an array of shade ranges to choose from. When I listened to Jackie’s experience working with Too Faced and witnessed her new additions to the collection, I knew it was due time to use my coin to support a Black woman’s hard work to bring more inclusivity into the makeup industry.

And I was not disappointed! I am in the shade “Snow” and think it evens out my red undertones super well. What I was most excited about this foundation is that I only need a SINGLE pump in order to get full coverage on my entire face and can easily build it up with a bit more if needed, but I always stop at one pump. I am glad this is going to last me so long with only one pump and I will certainly be replacing when the time comes!

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As for skincare, I have to give my cousin the biggest thank you for introducing me to Sunday Riley’s Essential Face Oils! This one is my second purchase of their Essential Face Oils and I am again over the moon with how much moisturizer and glow this adds to my mornings. I have class every morning at 9 AM and am often not in the mood to put on a full face of makeup, but want to bring some life to my face. Walking out of my apartment glowing and beaming with this oil is one of my favorite parts of the morning. Just keep in mind it will sit on your face for some time before it completely absorbs, but once it does your skin is silky smooth. I usually use this 2-3 times a week!

Next up on my list are the Glossier Lidstars, which I have in the shades “Cub” and “Dawn.” These have been perfect when I am not in the mood for a full winged eyeliner and have no energy to spend on creating an eyeshadow look either. I reach for these lidstars to provide a touch of depth and color to my eyelids and top it with mascara to complete the look. They are incredibly creamy and easy to blend in with your ring finger. I have seen people knock the lip gloss like applicator, but I actually love that it’s able to pack so much product on the tip. Dawn has definitely been more of my favorite because it is a darker shade it is more easy to spot on my lid, so its time for me to give Cub some love as well!

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For scents, I have been obsessed with Chanel’s “Chance” perfume that I got at Sephora. I was first introduced to it because I bought the Chance shower gel and was super enthralled by the scent. Once I ran out of the shower gel, I was eager to see if they had a perfume so I could continue my use in a different product application. I have to admit that a lot of Chanel perfumes, especially the ones follow in “No.’s” really do not attract me and smell much beyond my palette. However, this perfume is sharp and sweet, definitely perfect for more of the summer time.

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I am going to dedicate an ENTIRE blog post to breaking down my review of the Solution by Glossier, because it sincerely deserves it. But, just so you know: definitely a November favorite.

And finally, this adorable Cat Sushi bag that I purchased from the artist @meyoco on Instagram has been perfect for transporting my skincare products to and from my parents’ house! I’ve usually had it holding my perfume, Essential face oils, and other face scrubs.

That’s all I have for this blog post, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an in depth review I am going to provide on the Solution by Glossier. I have so much to say and report after using it for a solid month!

Thank you so much for reading and please be sure to comment below with your November recommendations! xx

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